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Estate Management & Tree Management Bracknell

Shire Tree Care provides tree management to private estates, industrial sites and educational facilities. Our qualified team of arborists are experienced in working in this environment and understand that safety to employees and members of the public is paramount. If necessary we will plan for any work at your site to be undertaken during your quieter periods to avoid and disruption to your normal working environment.
  • Crown reduction of trees in avenues.
  • Cutting out of dead branches, including any storm damage
  • Pruning and Trimming trees and shrubs to maintain site safety.
  • Stump Grinding and/or removal of deep roots
  • Tree Felling, to maintain the landscape and sometimes removing mature trees mainly for safety reasons
  • All aspects of Trees Management
We work with our commercial clients and carefully and jointly plan and discuss their requirements and agreeing a written contract scope of work prior to commencing any work. 
Several important Points are necessary to define the scope of work, including:
  • Remedial action during the work period
  • Agreeing upon the Styles & Shape to suit the enviornment
  • Price & Budget limitations, including payment plans
  • Detailed risk-assessment document forming part of the work contract
  • Health and Safety procedures, signage and safety cordons are agreed in advance
All of the above are not only taken into consideration in the planning stage but also documented for approval so to achieve the best possible outcome for our client and ourselves.

The process is professionally managed from start to finish. You will receive a detailed plan of proceedings, including timeframes and a start and end date. This is all part of all our initial discussions. Scope of work is documented and it becomes our agreement.

  • We arrange the daily start/end times of work with you. Including agreeing to work during weekends to minimize disruption on site. This is essential for educational institues and commercial sites where there is lots of pedestrian traffic during working days. 
  • We take great care in the removal of old/chopped materials offsite.
  • All our heavy equipment is either stored away safely or taken off site when we are not on site.
The Process
  • Each day we will update you with our progress, and impliment any changes that may be required due to special circumstances.
  • We aim to keep all noise and disruption to an absolute minimum, and all of that is discussed and agreed in advance.
  • During any interim periods the area is always left tidy with the area usable in a working state overnight whenever possible.
  • Safety signs and notices are used liberally to ensure minimum chance of any accidents to general public and estate staff and members.